PT Golfs Selfie at Sand Hollow

Dark days. So much uncertainty. The events of 2020 almost ruined my livelihood and my sanity.

Ultimately, God protected my business and my family. He ended up blessing us beyond what we thought was possible. He also brought golf back into my life.

Hi, I’m PT. If you’re like me, you may have recently returned to the game or picked it up for the first time last year. Maybe now you want to improve?

For the last twenty years, I have played golf maybe once a year. It was too time-consuming and too expensive, I thought.

But in 2020, a way was made, and I was able to play more rounds of golf than I’d ever played in my life. I fell in love with golf again. And I was able to improve, even without lessons.

I live in Texas with my family of five. I’m currently playing from a 14-handicap index. My goal is to be a single-digit handicap and enjoy the process.

Follow along to see how I’m doing towards my goal, learn some things about how I’ve improved, what gear I’m using, and what courses I’m playing.

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